Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 9, Minneapolis, MN, Wiley Gets Taken To Food Court

Start Time: 11:00 AM CST
2 Bowls Oatmeal
2 Slices of Toast w/ Butter & Honey
1 Glass 1/2 Skim, 1/2 2% Milk
2 Cups Black Coffee
1 Apple
1 Green Tea
1* Boca Burger w/ Mushrooms, Onions, Swiss, Lettuce, & Tomato
1 Side Order of Seasoned Fries
2 Slices of Hexagon Bar Pie
5 New Castle Ales
1 Grilled American Cheese w/ Tomatoes
1 Side Order of Seasoned Fries
2 Eggs Over Medium

End Time: 3:00 AM CST

On May 9, 2008, Herbert Joseph Wiley V states, "Eat in silence; Don't spend precious time and energy in idle talk."

A noteworthy incident occurs today bewteen Wiley and Gabriel, our waiter at Denny's. Wiley orders what he hopes is a Mushroom, Swiss, & Onion Boca Burger. Upon first taste Wiley questions the validity of said soy based patty. He believes he bites into a decoy, "Really," Wiley insists, "This is a meat burger." Wiley brings this to the attention of Gabriel. At first Gabriel is receptive to Wiley's gripe but then has a sudden change of heart. After a quick return from the kitchen, Gabriel goes head to head with our beloved Foodman. Gabriel asserts that the patty Wiley is currently putting on ice is indeed a Boca Burger and that Wiley's inclination is in err. Wiley then proceeds to rethink his initial hypothesis. With a sniff and a nibble Foodman concludes that the patty is in fact a Boca Burger. Thanks for taking Wiley to Food Court Gabriel. You made our day by sentencing The Foodman to 5 - 10 minutes in Food Jail on account of consumption bearing Food 'Tude. Although, the group believes Wiley is released on good behavior.

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