Saturday, August 29, 2009

July 2009: The Lost Tour II

Here are the days that I logged on the last tour.
Some missing time, but this it all of it.
Interview to come next.
Take care of your colon.

Wed. July 8 Nashville, TN
Start Time: 6AM CST
Coffee w/ Soy milk
½ Naked blueberry juice
2 egg salad sandwiches on rye
¼ bag walnuts & raisins
Wendys small side salad w/ honey mustard. baked potato w/ butter
Cracker barrel side salad with honey mustard, grilled roast beef w/ mushrooms and onions
Side green beans, side corn, 2 corn bread pcs with butter
1 Get Regular Tea.
End: 2am CST

Thurs. July 9 Memphis, TN
Start: 8AM CST
1 Glass O.J.
plate cantaloupe/honeydew
2 cups star bucks blck coffee
1 bowl special K w/ soy
1 bowl honey nut cheerios with Soy.
16oz Kale-ginger-carrot juice
4 small spicy smoked chicken legs
Vegan collards with 8 cloves garlic
side broccoli
side cauliflower
3oz. Beef brisket
Handful cashews
1 mint tea
Chipolte chicken with mushrooms, yellow rice & peas with black beans
chips & salsa
1 twix ice cream bar
3 keebler fudge shoppe cookies.
End 3:30AM CST

Fri.July 10 Ft. Worth, TX
Start: 9AM CST
2 bowls pineapple/grapes
1 coffee. 2 bowls cheerios w/ rice milk
2 handfuls almonds
2 handfuls cashews
1 organic protein food bar
1 fried chicken salad w/ honey mustard
1 rice milk
1 salad with honey mustard
1 naked burger with swiss, mushrooms, onions
Side broccoli/carrots
5 fried pickles
1 Arnold palmer w/ ice
1 yogi stomache ease tea
End 1:30AM CST

Sat. July 11 San Antonio, TX
Start: N/A
2 glasses o.j.
1 coffee
2 bowls rice crispies with soy
1 banana
1 egg salad sandwich
1 ham/cheese on crossaint
1 pickle
1 vanilla haagen daaz bar
1 cheese danish
1 protein power bar
2 sierra Nevada beers
End: N/A

Sun. July 12 Austin, TX
Start: N/A
7 chunks monkey bread ala Christine Deladisma
1 coffee
1 chicken/bean burrito with rice & salad
1 bowl frosted mini-wheats with milk
2 kolaches
2 ears corn and veggies
1 sausage sandwich
1 coffee
2 slices pizza
2 lone stars
1 smooth move tea
End: N/A

Monday July 13 Day Off

1 coffee
1 terra burger with bbq sauce, onions, pickle on gluten free bun
1 side salad with creamy balsamic
1 lemonade
1 vitamin water
½ bag sweet corn puff nuggets
Taco Cabana: 1 Arnold palmer, ¼ chicken dinner with pinto beans, salad & rice.
1 yogi get regular tea.

Tues. July 14 Tucson, AZ

2 glasses mango/o.j.
2 coffees
2 slices toast with honey/butter
1 soymilk
1 organic protien bar
1 salad with sweet balsamic
Veggie burger with provolone and avacado on marble rye
1 espresso
2 blue moon beers
2 poached eggs with marble rye & mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy

Wed. July 15 Phoenix, AZ
Start: 9:30AM PST
1 pineapple juice
1 fruitcup (pineapple, canteloupe, watermelon, honeydew, blueberry, raspberry)
2 coffee with soymilk
Egg whites with broccoli/onion with spicy black beans & wheat toast
Handful of edamame
1 strawberry/banana/orange juice
Chicken terriaki with string beans, bacon & brussel sprouts
1 coffee with soy
1 handful cashew
1 “greens” gluten-free brown ale
1 organic green bar
End: N/A

Thur. July 16 Prescott, AZ

3 coffees with rice milk
2 steamed/baked eggs with swiss
Side guacamole & toast
1 naked blueberry blast
2 gluten-free beers (brand unknown)
1 handful cashews
1 organic protein bars

Fri. July 17 Las Vegas, NV
Start:12PM PST

2 coffees
1 raven cafe burger with cheddar & side salad
1 strawberry/banana/orange juice
2 handfuls cashews
1 coffee
1 hot dog on seeded bun with pickles, mayo, mustard, ketchup.
3 stella artois
2 eggs over easy with bacon, potatoes, wheat toast
Fruit plate
End: 3:30AM PST

Sat. July 18 San Diego, CA

3 coffees
1 fruit plate
2 eggs over easy with wheat toast & bacon
1 soy milk
1 coffee
1 slice pepper / onion pizza
3 slices mushroom pizza
1 pack twix
1 nighty-night tea

Sun. July 19 Los Angeles, CA

1 bowl rice crispies w/ rice milk
1 bowl cheerios with rice milk
2 coffees
2 slices wheat toast with peanut butter/honey/butter
1 kale salad
Chips & salsa
1 Rib and Turkey sausage with pasta in sauce
2 red stipes
Banana Cream pie
Cookies/cream with sprinkles
1 cherry

Mon. July 20 Los Angeles, CA

4 coffees
Egg white omelette w/ veggies/avocado
4 links turkey sausage
Arizona Mango iced tea Rx.
Briskt dinner plate w/ beans, collards/slaw
Triple antioxidant green tea
Cookies n’ cream ice cream
1 rice milk

Tue. July 21 Los Angeles, CA

2 coffees w/ rice milk
1 bowl honey bunches of oats with rice milk
Huevos chirizo with rice & beans
1 al pastor
1 Arizona green tea with mandarin
3 arnold palmers
1 chirizo taco
1 al pastor taco
1 chicken quessadilla

Wed. July 22 (foodman's mother's bday)

2 coffees
1 omelette with bbq brisket/cilantro & beans
Baked pasta with smoked tomato sauce and summer veggies
Coke zero
3 beers (?)

Thu. July 23 Goleta, CA
1 cup roffee (FM slang for coffee)
2 eggs over easy with potatoes and wheat toast
Wild caught salmon, brown rice & veggies
½ veggie sandwich with avocado
1 rootbeer
½ slice chocolate cream pie
1 espresso milk shake
2 beers (?).

Fri. july 24 San Francisco, CA

Sauteed Ginger tofu w/ brown rice, veggies
1 beet/celery/carrot juice
1/3 slice banana crème pie
½ slice carrot cake
Veggie quesadilla (salad style)
Side chile relleno
1 rootbeer
2 local I.P.A. beers
1 slice pizza with feta cheese

*Sat 25- Sun 26 (missing time) Healdsburg/Santa Rosa, CA

Monday July 27 Petaluma, CA

2 poached eggs
Turkey Sausage with potatoes
2 Slices rye toast
Side spinach
Few crackers with feta
1 hot/sour soup w/ chicken
1 cooked oyster with butter & garlic
Ferrante’s Cicken Marsala w/ pasta & salad
Morey’s bruschetta with Veggies/cheese
1 tea

Tues. July 28 Petaluma, CA

3 puffy pastries
1 & ½ coffees with soy milk
Scrambled eggs
huge bowl vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping
1 cup coffee
1 arbys turkey/swiss sandwich

*It shall be noted that a certain incident occurs on July 27, 2009, where Foodman literally almost drowns hence explaining why the logs dissolve after July 28, 2009.

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