Monday, June 9, 2008


Start Time: 10:00 AM MST

1 Bowl Oatmeal w/ Honey
1 Cup Black Coffee
1 Apple
1 Cup Mint Tea

1 Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ Coleslaw & BBQ Sauce
1 Side Mustard Greens
1 Side Baked Beans

1/2 Wrap w/ Goat Cheese, Lettuce, & Tomato
1 Handful Potato Chips

1 Waffle w/ Syrup & Butter
2 Eggs Over Easy
2 Slices Bacon
2 Slices Raisin Toast w/ Butter
1/2 Sandwich w/ Egg, Bacon, & Potatoes
1/2 Turkey & Provolone Sandwich w/ Banana Peppers, Cucumber, Onion, & Mayonnaise

End Time: 3:30 AM MST

On June 3, 2008, Herbert Joseph Wiley V states, "No matter what happens to your body, eat."


msmegz said...

Hey Foodman!

I see you made in to Central Bar b que, how are the greens there? I've never ordered them- did anyone try the nachos?


Anonymous said...

hi meagan-
As far as i remember, the greens were pretty fullfilling. probably cooked with a pork base...sorry vegetarians. I did not try the nachos, but will next round. Let me leave you with something: "leafy vegetables make for better eliminations"
with sincerity,